Step back in time
for an historic and herbal adventure…

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Is your group looking for a unique day trip?
You can’t change history, but it could change you!

From its “dawn of America” history, dairy farm families, and documented paranormal activity – the 1770 Grounded Goodwife Farmhouse in Woodbury, CT is filled with the stories of the women, men, and children who have called it home.

Join your hosts, an herbalist daughter/historian mother duo, for an interactive tour of their unique colonial home. Stroll the herb garden, meet the free-range chickens, enjoy a seasonal baked good and herbal tea, and your group’s choice of a hands-on workshop:

Create your own holistic item to bring home:

  • Herbal Sleep Pillows
  • Fire Cider
  • Adios, Coco Chanel! DIY Herbal Perfume
  • Mugwort Smudge Sticks
  • DIY Amber Bracelets
  • Herbal Reed Diffusers

Old houses have treasures to find and secrets to uncover…

herb garden

Contact Ehris and Velya at to learn more.