Borage: grief, heavy-heartedness

Flower Essences are extractions prepared from flowering plants, used therapeutically. They are individually formulated (after a consultation), based on a client’s issues, needs, and goals.

Generally taken sublingually (under the tongue), Flower Essences address the emotional and mental aspects of wellness. They gently cast out negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, fear, sadness, worry, addiction, grief, hatred, and indecision.

Flower Essences address the root cause of health issues, and help to balance the body and mind. Peace and happiness return so that the body is free to heal itself.

The first 38 Flower Essences were formulated in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician. Many more have been formulated since that time.

Flower Essences do not have any side effects or contraindications, and are safe for children, pets, elders, and pregnant women.

Ehris has been practicing Flower Essence Therapy with great success for over six year. Each consultation includes a customized Flower Essence Blend, combining up to six flower blends. Consultations are about 90 minutes. The initial session includes a look at your total health history and health goals. A complete review of symptom patterns, lifestyle, nutrition, and emotional/mental/spiritual health patterns will be explored.

It may sound crazy, but they really do work!

Cayenne: procrastination, stagnation
Crab Apple: poor body image, low self-esteem
Dandelion: tension
Echinacea: challenged by trauma or illness
Lavender: nervous tension leading to depletion
Pink Yarrow: energetic protection
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