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Ehris offers herbal consultations incorporating flower essences, teas, tinctures, salves, and homeopathics. Most of the herbs used in her practice have been gathered locally, or grown in her non-GMO herb garden.

Flower Essences Brookfield Library 012.JPGDuring a consultation, we will look at many contributing factors to health and disease. Each individual is unique, and two people with the same medical diagnosis may receive very different treatments.

In Holistic Herbal Medicine, we don’t just treat the disease, we treat the person who has the disease. More than simply relieving symptoms, Holistic Herbal Medicine is about looking at the whole person to find a pattern of imbalance, and treating that root cause. This clinical evaluation determines individual areas of strength and deficiency.

By working on this level, a sense of wholeness and well-being can be achieved that is herbal-consultationmuch greater than simply the lack of illness – the whole person is nourished and brought into balance. Instead of attacking disease, herbalists feed the person who has the disease so that their own natural, powerful defenses can kick in.

Ehris then designs specialized formulations and makes recommendations for supplements and dietary changes.

Grounded Holistic Wellness, LLC offers an on-site herbal pharmacy containing over 300 herbal tinctures and bulk herbs. All special tincture, capsule or tea blends designed for you will be prepared on site, usually the same day.

For an herbal consultation, plan to spend about 90 minutes with Ehris. This initial session includes a look at your total health history and health goals. A complete review of symptom patterns, lifestyle, nutrition, and emotional/mental/spiritual health patterns will be explored.

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