How to Survive a Brazilian Betrayal

A kooky, gregarious mother and perceptive, poised daughter introduce readers to their offbeat Connecticut family, who follow their hearts to rural Brazil. Broke and broken, they’re forced to return to the United States, and navigate their rebirth in a foreclosed 1770 New England farmhouse.

Available as a print, e-Book, and audiobook through your local bookstore, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. Published by Green Writers Press.

Reader Love

“Beautifully written and full of love, honesty, and humor. Almost all daughters adore their mothers and make fun of them at the same time! There is no more powerful (or fraught) relationship in the world than this one. I love this relationship. Brava, you two!”

– Christiane Northrup, M.D.
New York Times bestselling author, Mother-Daughter Wisdom and Goddesses Never Age

“Ehris and Velya’s ‘real life’ mother/daughter relationship is as authentic as it comes across in their book. Their humor, sarcasm, and respect for each other’s personalities all add to their powerful and transformational story.”

– Marilyn R. Atlas,
producer of HBO’s “Real Women Have Curves” and co-author of Dating Your Character