Herbal Reed Diffusers

Scents Sensibility poster.jpg

Today’s history come deodorized. 

Join us for a whiff of the past with historical tidbits such as:

  • King Henry VIII had a festering leg wound that could be smelled from three rooms away
  • By the 1890s, there were approximately 300,000 horses and 1,000 tons of poop a day in London streets
  • During the eighteenth century, women shaved off their eyebrows and replaced them with false ones made from mouse fur
  • Baldness was “cured” by combining chicken droppings with potassium salts, and spreading it on balding areas

Next, learn about the medicinal benefits of various herbs and essential oils – including:

  • Cinnamon can help regulate blood sugar for diabetics
  • The Doctrine of Signatures tells us that eucalyptus cleanses “swampy” areas of the body, just as it cleanses malarial swamps
  • Rosemary has been recognized as a memory tonic since the ancient Egyptians, and is currently being studied for use in Alzheimer’s

Finally, create your own 4-ounce Herbal Reed Diffuser based on your preference/needs. Choose one of four blends:

  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Dear John
  • Doggone It!
  • All in the Family