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Herstory Unsanitized Presentations

Binge-watch VikingsTurn, or Frontier, and you’ll see people being disemboweled, tortured, and decapitated – but you won’t see anything about menstruation, chamber pots, birth control, breastfeeding, or poopy babies. Those of us involved in women’s history are filled with gratitude for the ballots we cast, but how many of us know that many of our suffragette foremothers were force-fed rectally and vaginally as a means of humiliating and degrading them?

It’s 2020! Even though Alexa can tell you what time Taco Bell opens, and women won the vote 100 years ago, these “unsanitary” subjects still make people uncomfortable. Exploring the engrossing “taboo” topics omitted from history shows women and girls that we need to be reminded of how far we’ve come to see how far we still can go.