Herstory Unsanitized Presentations

History should never be boring!

Binge-watch VikingsTurn, or Frontier, and you’ll see people being disemboweled, tortured, and decapitated – but you won’t see anything about menstruation, chamber pots, birth control, breastfeeding, or poopy babies. It’s 2021, but these “unsanitary” subjects still make many people uncomfortable.

The most common reason why people hate history is because they find it boring. So often we’ve heard, “In high school, we just had to memorize facts about dead people.” People pass history tests by parroting their history textbooks in essays that follow the perfect five paragraph format. They become date-regurgitators – not lovers of history.

We all love stories that pull us in and don’t gloss over the excitement. We’re drawn to stories that make us a part of the action, that highlight humanity, that require us to grapple with themes we can relate to – like right and wrong, or good and bad. We want stories that make us wince, laugh, and grimace. Grounded Goodwife’s herstory unsanitized presentations explore the engrossing “taboo” topics omitted from history. They’re not about bustles, butlers, spinning wheels, quilting bees, hornbooks, or hoop rolling. Audiences will be alternately chuckling and aghast!

Herstory Unsanitized Presentations: