Whooo Eats What? Book + Owl Pellet Dissection Kit (free shipping within U.S.)


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Purchase includes hardcover copy of Whooo Eats What? and Owl Pellet Dissection Kit (1 sterilized owl pellet, dissecting probe, tweezers, and bone sorting chart)

Whooo Eats What? synopsis:
While Margaret the Barn Owl is preening her feathers, she notices a kooky hands-on science teacher collecting owl pellets in the woods. Margaret later observes a captivating Dissecting Owl Pellets class. Some of the students are enthusiastic, while others think the owl pellets are disgusting and look like a cat’s hairballs! Will their curiosity take over and lead them to discover whooo eats what?

Author: Velya Jancz-Urban
CT certified teacher, owner of How Cool is That?! (Hands-On Science & History)
Age Range: 3 – 9 years
Grade Level: pre-K – 4th grade
Hardcover: 38 pages

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