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Homeschooling during Corona?

Dissecting Owl Pellets is – by far – the most popular hands-on science class that Velya offers. This kit is the next-best-thing to a workshop with her! Kids learn effectively when they’re actively engaged in the discovery process. Active investigations nurture curiosity and develop positive attitudes toward science which will last a lifetime

Students will understand that within ecosystems, complex interactions exist between organisms and the physical environment. As their natural curiosity leads them to explore the natural world, each child will “take” something different from the experience – from an understanding of the food chain and circle-of-life concept, to mammal anatomy.


  •     Gain an insight of what types of small animals exist in the environment and what the food chain might look like
  •     Gain insights into the diet and biology of owls through an analysis of the contents of an owl pelle
  •     Develop a better understanding of mammalian skeletal anatomy based on remains recovered from owl pellets


Purchase includes hardcover copy of Whooo Eats What? and Owl Pellet Dissection Kit (1 sterilized owl pellet, dissecting probe, tweezers, bone sorting chart, and analysis worksheet)


Whooo Eats What? synopsis:
While Margaret the Barn Owl is preening her feathers, she notices a kooky hands-on science teacher collecting owl pellets in the woods. Margaret later observes a captivating Dissecting Owl Pellets class. Some of the students are enthusiastic, while others think the owl pellets are disgusting and look like a cat’s hairballs! Will their curiosity take over and lead them to discover whooo eats what?


Author: Velya Jancz-Urban
CT certified teacher, owner of How Cool is That?! (Hands-On Science & History)
Age Range: 3 – 9 years
Grade Level: pre-K – 4th grade
Hardcover: 38 pages

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