School of Herbalism & Wellness

Exciting news! After years of people asking us where they can begin their herbalism studies (and us not having a place we’d recommend), we’ve decided to open our own school!

Do you sometimes feel like a kooky oddball? Are you regarded as that woo-woo-juju weirdo? We know how that feels! We also know how hard it can be to find your place.

We look forward to welcoming folks of all learning styles and experience levels to our eclectic 1770 Woodbury, CT farmhouse. Our primary classrooms will be our apothecary, woods, fields, gardens, and kitchen!

Trust us, you’ll start noticing plants wherever you go. We’ll go where they grow! Imagine knowing the names of these plants, understanding how to use them, when to harvest them, and which parts to use. Envision being able to make these plants into medicines such as salves, oils, teas, syrups, and tinctures. How would it feel to help others use these herbal medicines for healing purposes? These are the skills of an herbalist.

Are you ready to follow the path less traveled with a bunch of other friendly misfits?

Our hands-on courses will focus on the inter-connectivity between people and plants, along with an holistic approach to healing and general wellbeing.

We’ll offer a broad range of weekend/weeknight series courses and one-day workshops, both live and virtual.

I am so excited for Velya and Ehris to open their herbalism school. They are gifted teachers who will transform herbal education with their magical hands-on approach to learning. Plants are alive, filled with energy; and learning about them should be an interactive, lively experience.  That is exactly what you will get with Velya and Ehris. Begone boring lists and handouts! Hello real plant connections and applications! And lots of laughs, guaranteed! Velya and Ehris live and love what they teach and want their students to live and love what they learn. An opportunity for authentic learning and appreciation of the plant world with them is a rare gift.

  – Andrea Coakley, LAc.

About Ehris & Velya

Ehris Urban is an herbalist, holistic nutritionist, and flower essence practitioner. Velya Jancz-Urban is a vivacious teacher, history nut, and expert on “herstory unsanitized.” As Grounded Goodwife, this funny and frank mother/daughter duo believe in taking inner responsibility for one’s wellness, and share their “recipe” for wholeness through holistic workshops and presentations.

Their mother/daughter memoir, How to Survive a Brazilian Betrayal (Green Writers Press), reveals how the duo were grounded, lost everything, became better versions of themselves, and a dynamic mother/daughter team. Their second book, Dare to be a Green Witch: Grounded Goodwife’s Guide to Wellness & Holistic Healing, will be released by Llewellyn Worldwide in July 2021, and has been blurbed by famed herbalists Rosemary Gladstar and Susun Weed.

Upcoming Classes

“Will you accept this rose?” (DIY Vanilla-Rose Facial Mask and Vanilla Extract)

Celebrate the debut of the Grounded Goodwife School of Herbalism & Wellness with this pampering launch party workshop!

Whether or not you have big plans for Valentine’s Day, the gooey goodness of our DIY Vanilla-Rose Facial Mask will have you “date ready!”

This 4-ounce instant hydrating mask, made with real rose petals, gently soothes and tones with a plumping effect. Each of the four ingredients have been chosen for their unique benefits.

Then, continuing our vanilla theme, DIY your own 2-ounce bottle of Vanilla Extract and learn about real vanilla extract’s  healing benefits – including its antioxidant, antibacterial, and diaphoretic properties.

February 13th – 2:00-4:00PM
$15 per participant, all materials included

The Full Moon is an excellent time for making any kind of herbal medicine. The Moon is at the peak of its power, offering a well-rounded (ha! ha!) energy for your remedies. 

Mugwort, one of our favorite herbs, will be the star of the evening!  It’s been observed that mugwort’s properties grow in strength along with the moon’s phases. This herb is known to promote dreams of clarity. It also tends to make people feel more ethereal.  When the moon is full, mugwort can create so much brightness during dreamtime that you may feel like you are actually awake.  

The full moon is a special time to go inward and give your overactive and overheated mind a break from constant thinking. We’ll be doing just that with a Moonstone Manifestation Meditation around our firepit. 

Fun fact! Originally, a bonfire was called a “bone-fire.” It’s believed that people would burn animal bones to ward off evil spirits –  a Celtic ritual dating back to the 15th century. 

February 27th – 7:00PM
$28 per participant, all materials included