Superbly stellar and benchmark hands-on workshop!

Ehris and Velya delivered a superbly stellar and benchmark hands-on workshop! Participants were super satisfied and happy! Worth every penny! Fun!!! – Nick Beams, Adult Services, Pomfret Library

If you can impress a 13 year old, you can do anything!

Velya, you are a gem. I attended the Colonial Women talk at THS last year and just had to bring my 13 year old daughter to Sunday’s talk. She and I are signing up for the chicks and quiche event in May! If you can impress a 13 year old you can do anything 😊Kudos to… Read More

You two are an incredible team!

Thank you so much for yesterday! Loved spending the time with you and your mom! Thank you for the tour, tea, cake, yummy samples, and all the wonderful healthful bounty I scored there. So blessed to know you!  You two are an incredible team. ~ Naomi P.

Thanks so much for sharing this magic elixir with us!

Hi Velya & Ehris! Elderberry Syrup Update: I gave my little jar to my friends Dr. Vargoshe and his wife Evelyn (both 90 years young) who have been battling bad, almost bronchial, colds.  They’re both very interested in more natural ways to heal ailments…anyway, I spoke to Ev yesterday and she’s been sipping away at… Read More

Thanks for making our night!

Hi Velya, My friend Diane and I attended your program at the Harwinton Library last night. We were the two sitting right in the front row that were laughing our “arses” off. What a great program!!!! We were still laughing all the way home. But even though it was extremely entertaining I left wanting to… Read More