Thanks so much for sharing this magic elixir with us!

Hi Velya & Ehris! Elderberry Syrup Update: I gave my little jar to my friends Dr. Vargoshe and his wife Evelyn (both 90 years young) who have been battling bad, almost bronchial, colds.  They’re both very interested in more natural ways to heal ailments…anyway, I spoke to Ev yesterday and she’s been sipping away at… Read More

Thanks for making our night!

Hi Velya, My friend Diane and I attended your program at the Harwinton Library last night. We were the two sitting right in the front row that were laughing our “arses” off. What a great program!!!! We were still laughing all the way home. But even though it was extremely entertaining I left wanting to… Read More

If any DAR chapter is looking for a good program…

If any DAR chapter is looking for a good program, we had a wonderful speaker yesterday at the annual joint meeting of the Massachusetts Society of the Dames of the Court of Honor, DAR, National Society of the Daughters of the American Colonists, Daughters of Colonial Wars in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Women Descendants of… Read More

“home-grown” mother-daughter duo

I LOVE the obvious skill, commitment and gentleness that permeates Ehris and her unique work, including the classes given with her mother, Velya Jancz-Urban. This “home-grown” mother-daughter duo offers some really valuable classes that transport one back to the days when herbs were commonly and successfully used medicinally. Their work, and classes are whimsical, fun,… Read More

Many, many thanks for welcoming us into your home!

Dear Velya and Ehris, Many, many thanks for welcoming us into your home! It was both fun and informative. Sincerely, Anne P.S. Thank you for the fresh eggs 🙂 Anne Guernsey, Webb-Deane-Stevens Museum, Wethersfield, CT

The best day I’ve had in a long time!

Dear Velya, Thank you so much for a delightful, entertaining day yesterday. I came home glowing and told my husband that I had just spent the best day I’ve had in a long time. Now I want to read Acquiescence all over again! Please keep our group in mind if you have any other presentations in the… Read More

it’s safe and there’s no judgment…

There’s just something about your house. As soon as you cross the threshold, there’s a feeling of acceptance. Everyone has a story to tell, but you can’t share just anywhere. We share at your farmhouse because it’s safe and there’s no judgment.   – Beverly Iorio, Southbury, CT

I think you two are both fabulous!

Hi Ehris and Velya 🙂 I think you two are both fabulous and I had such a great time in our Intro to Herbalism class. My husband and I went to White Memorial this past weekend and I was pointing out plants to him that we saw on our plant walk – so happy that… Read More

This set a precedent for future gatherings…

Dear Velya, You cannot imagine how much the audience enjoyed you personally, as well as your great presentation! I was most grateful because I planned the event.This was a first attempt to have anything like this at the historical society.There was some opposition but I stood fast. This had to work!! When I saw the… Read More

Taking the fear out of Kombucha brewing

Hi Ehris and Velya, Just wanted to let you know that I’m enjoying my first round of Kombucha I flavored it with Ginger and it tastes like the best ginger ale I ever had Thanks again for offering this Kombucha class and taking the fear out of making this delicious drink. Tanja B.