Hi Velya & Ehris!

Elderberry Syrup Update:

I gave my little jar to my friends Dr. Vargoshe and his wife Evelyn (both 90 years young) who have been battling bad, almost bronchial, colds.  They’re both very interested in more natural ways to heal ailments…anyway, I spoke to Ev yesterday and she’s been sipping away at the syrup and is astonished that it broke up a lot of her congestion and she felt tons better.  They were on their way to Maine to get wreaths and greenery for her wreath business and she was clutching her bottle of syrup all the way there to not only continue taking it herself but also to let her brother and sister-in-law sample it.  She is irked that she left the recipe at home but when she returns she wants me to help her make a batch!

Thanks so much for sharing this magic elixir with us!

Take care…. Red Barn Nancy