Dear Velya,

You cannot imagine how much the audience enjoyed you personally, as well as your great presentation! I was most grateful because I planned the event.This was a first attempt to have anything like this at the historical society.There was some opposition but I stood fast. This had to work!!

When I saw the room filling up I was so happy, because all I needed was an audience and knew that you would “make it happen.”

This set a precedent for future gatherings in this old house. It is foolish to keep the house locked up and open it only for meetings and once-a-month tours.

Thank You! for making my day.You must have been touched by a loving spirit who loves you very much, because your life never comes to a standstill. There is always something waiting for you.

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those that say “Here I am!” and those that say, “There you are.” That’s the kind of person that everyone is delighted to see. You are that “THERE YOU ARE PERSON.”

Elsie Valeski
Seymour Historical Society