Beautifully written and full of wisdom, Velya Jancz-Urban’s enchanting novel, Acquiescene, left me breathless and believing in the power of spirits to hold onto this world until life is resolved and made whole again. It’s a story of two women living two hundred years apart that need each other in ways neither one of them fully understands until the end. It’s about love and redemption, and how we are not really separated by time and space, but, instead, deeply connected by circumstance.

I will not spoil it for you, but only say that this is a ghost story that will teach you about life and loving and believing in what you cannot see.
Read this book!

– Carrie Knowles


Interesting read and great for a book club. The book is a great mix between past and present, good and evil. When the main character Pamina discovers that there could be a spirit living in her home, the book begins to weave the present and the past together. You will learn about colonial times, specifically about the lives of women..and how the emotions of women have not changed that much – especially when the complexities of family are involved. You will understand how the main characters felt – from being betrayed to being loved, and everything in between. I love the sub-title that says “accept the mystery”. Acquiescence is essential to do that in life. Enjoy!

– Carol Howard


When a book and its characters remain long after you put the book down, you know you’ve encountered a special story. I finished Acquiescence well over a month ago and I still think about all the themes of family, survival, perseverance and the richly developed characters. The way Ms. Jancz-Urban intertwined present-day lives with the history of a home and its surroundings keeps you wanting to read more and ponder what’s gone in your own town. Reading Acquiescence felt like a long sweet conversation with a friend, as comfortable as your favorite sweater and longing for the next get together to learn more about Pamina and Susannah.

-MaryAnn Zoeller


I’m not a huge fan of historical novels. But this is different. It’s a blend of past and present unlike anything I’ve read. The author brings you into her present day world, introduces you to all the important people in her life, then slowly but surely, introduces you to the past. You almost don’t even see it coming, but once there, it’s quite a journey! Its a combination of all the best qualities of a good book…love, family, betrayal, mystery, spirits and most importantly, acquiescence. I loved how the story of the past parallels the present day story so perfectly. I’m a big fan of a descriptive story, and Velya set every scene so perfectly. I felt like I could picture everything in such detail. But here’s the really cool thing. I contacted the author because I knew the story took place nearby. I wanted to let her know that our book club would be reading this book during the summer. She has kindly offered to host our discussion at her home, the actual setting of the book! We’re so excited to do that, and so happy that she’s opening her home to us, to truly experience her story!

– Ellen Assad

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