The good thing about being messed up for a while
is that you can come out of it seeing very clearly.

In a humorously engaging presentation, acclaimed mother/daughter duo, Velya Jancz- Urban and Ehris Urban, speak candidly about how secrecy, walking on eggshells, and betrayal by a dear family friend were actually gifts, disguised as obstacles.

Yasakeke teaches audiences that disaster can be a freaky thing of beauty – a springboard to becoming a better version of yourself. A yasakeke (a word invented by Velya’s mother) is a hidden, festering issue. Yasakekes have great potency because like buried rusting oil tanks, they leak and pollute.

Whether it’s anger, guilt, love, loss, or betrayal, one of the hardest lessons in life is letting go. Everybody’s got something. Learn the importance of moving on, and how problems are what make us grow.