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“Even though I have taught in the Women’s Studies Program at CCSU for many years, I learned a lot about the history of women’s clothing from Suffragettes in Corselettes. It is quite a skill to create an informative presentation that packs in a thousand years of fashion history and relates it all to women’s struggle toward equity and do it all in a very entertaining way.  And, how great that you are a mother and daughter team.”

~ Jane Hikel

“I wanted to pass along a truly delightful programming recommendation: Grounded Goodwife. They are a mother-daughter team of teachers and herbalists, and have provided two virtual programs for our library over the past couple of months. They were absolutely fantastic. Charming and down-to-earth, Ehris and Velya explained how to make DIY kombucha, ginger ale, and extracts like vanilla and almond to our curious audience. They were patient with the many questions asked by our participants, and provided a wealth of follow-up information and recipes.

 These programs used to be in-person, but Ehris and Velya have quickly pivoted to online programming, and the programs are well chosen for adaptation in a virtual environment. Each program had them explaining not only how to make these items, but also tips and tricks for success, and funny anecdotes about their trials and learning experiences along the way (not every DIY is perfect on the first try, and it’s always helpful for attendees to have realistic expectations for their own initial attempts.)

 We’ve done a lot of virtual programming over the past year, as have most libraries, and the Grounded Goodwife ranks as one of our favorite presenters. They aren’t high-tech, but they’re high value for your programming dollar! And with a variety of programs from the history of the suffragettes to making fire cider to planting an herb garden, there’s something to entertain every patron.”

~ Mikaela Wolfe, Assistant Library Director
Sharon Public Library, Sharon, MA

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